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We have a variety of venues to fit your business meeting, annual dinner, conference, special celebration or wedding, plus the professionals to help you every step of the way.


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The 1,010-square-meter pillar-less Ballroom is a dynamic venue capable of hosting a variety of meetings and events. Its design allows the room to be separated into two mid-size function rooms, and has an independent vehicle entrance for functions such as car launches. In conjunction with the ballroom is a spacious 461-quare-meter foyer to host receptions or cocktail parties. An adjacent VIP room is available to accommodate honored guests.


1010 square meters


2 multifunctional spaces

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Junior Ballroom

Equipped with high-speed Internet and built-in audio and video equipment, this 300-square-meter multi-functional venue can be divided into three independent areas which can accommodate 60 to 270 guests. Each area is paired with an independent foyer with an embedded bar counter – ideal for event reception services and coffee breaks.


300 square meters


3 multifunctional spaces

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Meeting Rooms

Three small meeting rooms provide a private space for receiving VIPs and carrying out focused work sessions. Alternatively, these intimate venues can easily be transformed into a lounge for a bridge and her entourage to get ready in.


30 to 54 square meters


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The Central Garden

This 1,750-square-meter venue is a highly coveted space for memorable outdoor events thanks to a sensational view of rolling mountains and sunsets, providing an exceptional setting for gala dinners, outdoor soirées, and wedding ceremonies.


1750 square meters